Where we are now?

We all thought we knew what the future had in store for us twenty-five years ago. This survey is asking how accurate your predictions for your future really were. For example, mine were WAY OFF! I thought I'd go to a big city to college, join the rat race as a career woman, and get married late twenties and have 2 kids. I actually started at COS, got married to a local dairy farmer at 21, stayed at home with my children while they were young, did graduate college (in 2006!) and now have 5 children! So, how close were YOUR predictions for your future? Are you where you thought you'd be in 25 years if I'd have asked you in high school?

Answer the survey and let's see the results!

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1)   Are you where you thought you'd be twenty-five years after high school?

YES, NO, TOTALLY, WAY OFF, or SORT OF are all acceptable answers! Any additional comments are welcome. Answers are listed anonymously.