1992's in the news!

Some of our classmates are in the news and have been recognized for outstanding work. Here are a few accomplishments of alumni of the class of 1992!

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Our Reunion Committee Chair, Miss Lilly Pimentel is being honored with the KCFB President's Award for her contributions to Community, Agriculture, and Youth on October 17th! Way to go, Lilly!

Here is Joni (Hunseder) Edelman who did not actually graduate from Hanford High, but went through most of her years with us before moving to Fresno. She also happens to be married to HUHS 1992 alum Matthew Edelman. Joni has gained international fame as a writer, positivity coach, and editor in chief of the hugely successful website, Ravishly.com. She first gained fame in 2016 when an article sparked such a huge response that she was invited to speak on the Today Show! Congratulations to Joni!


These are from 2012:

Hooray for Marcus Kahn doing an amazing job as an NCAA Coach!


A HUGE Congratulations to April Silva on being nominated as a 2012 Comcast Sportsnet Teacher of the Year!

Please go to http://www.csnbayarea.com/allstarteacher2012 and vote for her!

April Silva- John F. Kennedy Junior High School, Hanford, CA
 April Silva teaches seventh and eighth grade at John F. Kennedy Junior High School in Hanford. Although she teaches a variety of different classes, her greatest impact is made through her Community Leadership course that began as a 30 student “Humanitarian Club.”This club has more than tripled in size in the past three years and has now become an after school course.

With a philosophy of “Ask not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community,” Silva has encouraged students to go beyond the confines of their school and volunteer their time and talents anywhere, such as homeless shelters and the local SPCA. A big advocate of tolerance, Silva was instrumental in launching an anti-bullying campaign that focused on cyber-bullying. The campaign was implemented by her students throughout the school.

Silva’s relationship with students is built on her hands-on approach to learning. With her willingness to allow her students to set the stage for their projects each year with their ideas and passions, she forces them to think critically about how they can help the people around them.

Silva has made an impact not only on her students and school, but also in her community. She has been able to show students the importance that tolerance can have on history, the importance of giving back to the community, and the importance of knowing that one person can truly make a difference. With these qualities, Silva is undeniably a deserving candidate for the 2012 All-Star Teacher Award.